Informal business turnaround is a process followed if business distress is identified at an early stage, and corrective action is implemented with the guidance of a registered Turnaround Practitioner.

It is referred to as being an informal process as no legal intervention is required, and the business is in control of the original board.


TRS aims to maximize the value of your asset by evaluating and optimising the following key business indicators;

Sales strategy:

  • Sales offering, what are you selling?

  • Competitiveness, what makes your offering unique to your direct and indirect competition.

  • Customers, what are your market segments and who is your target audience in each sector.

  • Profitability is your product offering generating sufficient profits for the efforts.

Operational strategy:

  • Evaluation and improvement of production capacity & efficiency.

  • Evaluation and improvement of departmental Key Performance Indicators.

  • Assessment and improvement of corporate business processes.

  • Evaluation and improvement of all procurement practices.

 Financial strategy:

  • Evaluation and improvement of debtor and creditor management policies.

  • Financial performance evaluation and improvement.

  • Evaluation and improvement of the business cash flow and financial policies.

  • Cash flow & budget evaluation and development.

Personnel Strategy:

  • Evaluation and improvement of staffing policies.

  • Organogram optimization.

  • Payroll restructuring.

  • Staff competency assessments.


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